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The Slave Thread

The Slave Thread

Continued from this very long, 500-comment (cries) thread here.

Warnings for non-con/sexual assault, PTSD, eating disorders/issues, self-harm, substance abuse, mentions of suicidal thoughts, violence, gore, adult themes and sexual situations, death, self-worth and image issues -- basically if there's something that makes you uncomfortable, tread lightly.
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[Dean wishes he had done a little less drinking tonight.]

There've got to be others. Word gets around in hunters' circles, Sammy. We're not the only ones who get tied up in shit like this.

[He looks at Sam, wondering what he's getting at. Is he trying to imply that Bobby and John have something to do with this? There's no way. For all the issues that Dean might be having with his father right now, he can't believe that John would tell other hunters — or participate in something like that himself. And Bobby — there's no way.]

The other hunters from that night...they could've talked. They knew a hell of a lot more than us.

[There's something much bigger than them at work here.]

Do you know where it was?

[Investigating it, like it's a case, is a bad idea. For Sam, at least. He shouldn't go back into the fray, where crap like that is going on, especially so soon. But someone should take a look. Dean should take a look, but he knows that Sam won't want to buy into that, and the last time Dean left Sam, he got into trouble.

So who?

Maybe Bobby could get someone he trusts on it.]
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[Not knowing where puts them in a difficult position, because it means they can't get anyone to check it out. Dean frowns, trying to think through possibilities of what they could do.

Sam's right, though — calling their father and Bobby seems like the best choice. Dean has been meaning to talk to Bobby, too, so this will give him a chance to touch base.]

We'll call when we get there. You can talk to Dad, I'll talk to Bobby.

[Sam'll be distracted, so Dean will be able to check on the progress of Bobby's research. He'll probably make himself some coffee, too. Try and sober up a little more.]
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[As Sam makes his phone call, Dean heads inside to get the coffee maker going before dialing up Bobby. Then he goes back outside and dials Bobby's number. When Bobby answers, Dean speaks quietly into the phone, hopefully low enough that the coffee maker and the walls will keep him from being heard.

The first thing he asks about is whether or not Bobby's made any progress on research. It's better to get it out of the way before Sam comes looking for him again. Bobby tells him that he has a couple of leads, but nothing conclusive yet.

Which leads into —]

Hunters are killing 'em. The other people like Sam. Special children, I guess is what they're calling 'em.

[So they need to rush this, they can't take their time.

Bobby asks him how he knows that, and Dean explains, which is followed by cursing and Bobby muttering about how trouble just finds them.

It isn't the most orthodox way of finding out if Bobby is okay, but the questions are answered: Bobby didn't know, and he's safe at home.

Bobby says he'll call as soon as he finds something. That he'll check the network and try to find out if he knows anyone who's hunting down the special children. Then Dean hangs up.

He's cold, a little shivery when he hangs up the phone, but it helps sober him and keep his mind off of all the other shit that happened earlier. He goes inside in time to hear Sam's question.]

He's safe, but he hasn't heard anything. Said he'll ask around.

[The coffee hasn't finished brewing yet, but Dean pours himself a half-cup anyway, to help himself warm up and get even more level-headed.

A pause, and then —]


[He's sorry he fucked up, is what he wants to say. Again. He's sorry that he tried to storm off, because this kind of shit always happens when he does, when he goes in some other direction from Sam, and you'd think he'd have learned that lesson by now.]

I'll cut back.

[It isn't an apology, exactly, but it's close.

It's a promise. That he won't turn into Dad. That he'll do better, and find a way to cope with the night someway else.]
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[He doesn't think that. He knows that Sam has been struggling, too — that it's been even harder on him than it has been Dean. He's got the visions, the hunters going after him — everything. And it's because of that — and their shared experience at the mansion — that Dean knows he gets it. Maybe not entirely, because he and Dean have always been different when it comes to sex, Dean using it more to fill some kind of void — but enough to be able to get the struggle.

It's why Dean's trying to be more earnest here. Suffer through the semi-apology and the words that Sam offers after, even if it puts him in a position where he feels like brushing them off. There's a lot of shit going on; the least he can offer is a promise to not fuck up so much anymore.

Of course, that doesn't stop the slight annoyance that creeps up within him, an ingrained defensive mechanism despite his efforts to try and level with Sam. His tone is a little biting — and really, it's because Sam mentions their father again.

He's still himself, even if he's trying to be better about all of this.]

I got it.

[He'll work on it.

He's glad for the subject change — to be focusing on the matter at hand again. Dean takes a seat, setting his mug down and rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hands.]

We'll be good here for a while.

[He sets his arms down on the table.]

But we'll need to be ready.

[Because eventually, they'll be found. Not all hunters get their information in ethical ways, which means that Dean and Sam could be halfway across the world and still eventually get found.]

We might even wanna go to them.

[Hunters hunting hunters feels wrong, but Dean doesn't want to sit around and wait for them to pick off Sam.]

Ask around, get some names. Try to talk sense into them.

[Although Dean is pretty much all for offing them if they can't be reasoned with. He isn't going to let anyone get Sam. If it's him or the hunters, Dean chooses Sam.]
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[Firm and unyielding. It's screwed up — that they're in a position where they even need to consider going against hunters — but this isn't a mild turf war. This is them against the hunters — it's about survival.

Sam doesn't need to lift a finger against them if he doesn't want to. Dean will do it for him. But he sure as hell isn't agreeing to that.]

This is us against them. If it comes down to it, I'm choosing us.

[He doesn't know about warning the kids, and it shows in his skeptical expression. He doesn't trust the special kids. Just because Sam is one of them doesn't mean that Dean is comfortable with them. This is too serious — too dangerous. And they're technically on the wrong side because they're hunters.]

Bad idea.

[Dean sits back in his chair, hand around the mug.]

Look, if you don't wanna talk to the hunters, I get that. [He'd prefer that.] I'll go alone so you don't have to.

[He knows Sam won't go for that, as much as Dean wishes he would.]

I don't wanna hurt them either, but I'm gonna do what I gotta do to make this stop.

[And keep him safe.]

It ain't right.
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[It does scare Dean. It isn't natural, and it's incredibly dangerous. He's worried about what it means for Sam.

But more than that, he's worried about losing Sam. He isn't going to let anyone come near him, and if the price of that is killing more hunters, then he'll do it. After everything that went down in the mansion, Dean isn't going to hesitate. He learned a lesson about going with things, seeing how they play out, biding their time.

Not anymore.

He isn't going to argue the matter with Sam, though, because Sam's right, to an extent. They are just doing their jobs. It just doesn't matter.

He sips his coffee, sighing silently after he sets the cup back down. He won't go off without Sam if Sam doesn't want him to — he's learned that doing that screws them over, too — but he isn't making promises, either.]

We'll wait. But if it comes down to it —

[Sam isn't going to convince him otherwise.]

I'm not letting it happen, Sammy.
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[This is getting bad.

Dean's used to Sam having visions by now, but he isn't used to hearing about hunters going after victims of circumstance. And Sam's visions are taking a lot out of him — whether due to the content or the fact that they overpower him like that. Or both.

The stress is getting to him, but in a good way, as awful as that sounds when he thinks about it. It keeps him on the straight and narrow. He cuts down on drinking — though not entirely, he at least scales back — and his own issues are able to get set to the back of his mind.

The worst part of all of this is that they can't do anything. Sam can't tell where they're taking place, Bobby can't seem to find hunters who have any specific details, and their father doesn't seem to have any information, either, although he says he's getting closer to the yellow-eyed demon, which is something.

It's shortly after Sam's vision — when they're back at the cabin and Dean has shoved some pain relieves at Sam for the headache he knows he has whether Sam wants them or not — that Dean gets a phone call from Bobby.

He steps outside, because he doesn't want Sam knowing that Bobby isn't just looking into hunts, and is also looking for a way to fix Sam somehow and make this all go away — yeah, right, like they'd get it that easy — but Bobby's only calling because special children are the talk of hunter's circles now. Some are in favor of killing them, others are against it. It's becoming a polarizing issue, and hunters are talking about organizing and forming different sects. There have been bar brawls and arguments and hunters cutting ties. Extremist hunters are quoting the Bible and talking about second comings.

It's getting bad, as word spreads. Now there are rumors of innocent people dying, too.

Dean tells Sam all of this. He debates keeping it quiet, but Sam's been filling him in on everything, and Dean's trying to work on this — all of it — so he doesn't skimp over the issues.

This is real big. And bad.

After that, though, it's nothing — a few days pass and Sam doesn't have visions and aside from updates about the hunters, Bobby has nothing to offer, either.

The fourth night after the grocery trip — which they finished that morning, and which should probably have been a red flag, since apparently grocery days are bad days — Dean and Sam are both sleeping, and John breaks into the cabin.

Dean's upstairs, and he tends to be a light sleeper, but having Sam sleepwalk around has fixed that a little — he sleeps more deeply, now, unless Sam sounds like he's in distress.

That's probably why John manages to get into the living room area before Dean hears a creaking floorboard loud enough to bolt him up. He reaches under his pillow for his knife, and then under his bed for his gun, and he's on his feet — stumbling a little gracelessly when he doesn't compensate for having been off his ankle for too long, the damn thing healed but still giving him trouble occasionally, especially in the mornings. He points the gun at John just as he steps out of the shadows.

Dean doesn't lower the gun.]

What're you doing here?

[It's suspicious, that his father would just show up, and Dean's worried about possession or any of the other things that could be wrong. Sneaking into a hunter's home is never a good idea, and John knows it.

"I need to lay low," his father tells him, stepping forward so Dean can get a better look. And sure enough, he's injured — there's blood leaking through his shirt on his arm, his face is bruised, and there's a cut along his mouth. "I wrapped it," he says when Dean takes a second look at his arm, that gun still up, "But it needs stitches."

This is really suspicious. His father can stitch his arm easily, and he certainly doesn't come to Sam and Dean in fits of weakness.]


[Dean calls it out, not sure if Sam is awake and hoping it doesn't jolt him too much and spur a nightmare. They've been better, but Dean's still wary.]

I need holy water.

[That should be under his bed, too. Dean's been more focused on the hunter problem than demon problems, but he should have a horde of crap under his bed.

To John, nodding toward him to indicate his injuries:]

What happened?
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[Dean relaxes a little after the holy water proves that John is John. He sets down the gun and the knife and rubs his face as the adrenaline of the moment leaves him. As soon as that happens, he feels a little groggy. Squinting at his watch, he sees that they'd only been a sleep for three hours or so.

Since Sam is tending to John, Dean retrieves some whiskey and pours it for him, walking over to the couch and handing it to him. It's the post-hunt ritual of every hunt gone somehow wrong — one that peppered Dean's childhood.

He listens to the story — and it looks like his injuries are consistent with that, although Dean harshly wonders why his father didn't do a better job of fixing himself up. Dean learned all his first aid from the man — getting sloppy with aftercare isn't part of that package.]

Yeah, hang on.

[He goes to their kid and takes out a couple of pills. Saved for emergencies, like this. He also brings the kit itself, so they can get those wounds tended.]

These two're it. We need to make a run in the morning.

[Dean doesn't sit. He leans against the wall, watching Sam finish checking him over, and while he's doing that, Dean still thinks that this situation is off. It just isn't sitting right with him, but he's been harsh on judging his father lately — his opinion colored by what went down with all of them.

John is still his father. He's injured. And he also has a lot more interest in checking in with them lately, after finding out about the mansion.

He's probably being too suspicious. That kind of thing happens when you're expecting hunters to find you eventually.]

You got any news?

[Maybe they should let him rest up a little, first, but this is important. This is about Sam. Dean needs to know if John has any information on the hunters. Now that word has spread, John should have something.]
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[Hunters are pretty quiet about their jobs, but the climate is changing. This issue is on the forefront of a lot of hunter's minds. There's got to be some talk out there.

Dean needs there to be some talk out there. They need to solve this before it gets too far and someone tracks down Sam.

Seeing his father like that, though — in genuine pain, looking so tired — abates some of Dean's suspicion. He's got nothing to be suspicious about, really. If his father is himself, then Dean needs to just let go of this nagging feeling in the back of his mind.

So he does. For now.]

We heard the hunters are fighting. That word is getting out.

[He gauges his father's reaction, but it isn't surprised or annoyed. Just closed off, and tired as he listens.

Dean hesitates.]

We don't gotta talk about that now. You should get some sleep once Sam's done with you.

[He can revert back to the old, concerned Dean of his early hunting days, when he would help patch up John and get him to bed.]
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[Dean rubs the bridge of his nose, glancing in the direction toward where John is resting, face open uncertainty. It isn't that Dean thinks that John is going to try anything stupid — it's his father, for Christ's sake, not some random hunter — but the situation makes him uncomfortable.]

I think there's something he isn't telling us.

[Not that he's withholding anything that could hurt them, but that he just isn't sharing the whole story. He should know more about the hunters, by now, maybe even have an idea of whether or not they're closing on more special kids. It's the talk of the community.

And it's the way their father is. Once upon a time, Dean trusted that — let him call the shots and hide whatever he felt necessary to hide. Now, Dean knows that there's only one person who can well and truly protect Sam — and that's himself, even if he screws up sometimes. He's here. So he should be let in on information. This isn't about revenge; it's about keeping Sam alive.

Dean just doesn't know how to reconcile his love for his father with his newly established opinions.]

Yeah. I dunno. We'll ask more when he wakes up.

[Dean looks at his watch, squinting in the dark.]

Get back to bed. I'll hit the pharmacy first thing, re-up our supplies.]
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[Dean nods. That's the best that they can do at the moment — sleep and address everything in the morning.]

Yeah, we will.

[Because his father can't hide everything forever. If nothing else, Dean will force himself to make it clear that it isn't going to fly this time. It'll be difficult, because that's still new territory for him, but he isn't going to sit around and accept it this time. There's too much on the line.

As Sam heads downstairs, Dean goes to his own bed, gets in, and finds himself having a hard time getting sleep. He shifts, tosses, turns, but it isn't until a couple of hours later that he finally manages to sleep. Which doesn't last long, as he hears his father grunting in pain just as he's finally hitting a deep sleep.

Dean gets up, decides trying to sleep in is a no-go, and heads into the living room, stopping in front of the couch. His father is still asleep — eyes closed, breath seemingly even. Dean pauses there for a moment, then heads back to get changed, brush his teeth, and get ready to greet the day.

He leaves a note for Sam, telling him that he's heading to the pharmacy, and then he leaves.

Before he's out the door, though, he pauses, thinking of the last time he left Sam with his father. For a moment, he considers getting Sam to come along with him, but that's stupid. This is his father, and he's injured — Dean needs to suck it up and trust him a little more again. It wasn't completely his fault, what happened with the hunters. And Sam needs his sleep.

So Dean leaves, gets in the Impala, and heads to the pharmacy. It's only as an afterthought, as he's pulling into the parking lot, that he decides to take out his cell phone.]

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[He doesn't know if it's the way his father is acting, or if it's born out of his newly established lack of trust in John — or if it's just, at the core, an unfounded feeling that something is off. Regardless, Dean sits in the pharmacy parking lot, keeping the Impala running so that he can sit in the heat, and calls Joshua.

The hunter answers, voice gruff but smoothing into something a little more receptive once he realizes who's on the phone. "Just saw yer Daddy couple days out."]

Yeah, that's what he told us. Said you two were hunting together.

["No choice when it comes to those damn special kids, or whatever they're calling 'em. Go by yourself an' you're deader'n a thirty point buck during deer season. Hell, even if you go with someone, it's a good chance yer gonna die. Yer daddy —"

Joshua is known for being chatty when it comes to rehashing the details of hunts, but Dean doesn't hear much after special kids. Tightening his grip on the steering wheel, Dean interrupts, keeping his voice as steady as possible.]

You're hunting special children now?

["Yer daddy's idea, and a damn good one. We got a couple down already, you shoulda seen what some of 'em can do. Sick shit, Dean. When I got started hunting, it werewolves and vampires here an' there, easy targets, but now it's more an' more demons, special kids, vampire nests like I've never seen. There's something big coming."

But has already hung up the phone and tossed it on the passenger seat. Which is where Sam should be — if Dean had trusted his instincts, if he had waited just a little longer for Sam to wake up. He fucking left him again, should have known — did know — that this visit from their father was bad news.

He peels out, tires screeching, Baby taking the abuse with ease while Dean speeds down the road. The sick feeling that's settling in his stomach is secondary to the adrenaline — to the desire to get the hell back to the cabin before it's too late. It's all he's focused on — he doesn't think of what could be there waiting for him, nor does he plan ahead to how he's going to handle it.

There are no more justifications. Dean doesn't even try to reason it out, to tell himself that his father wouldn't kill Sam, even if he's one of the special children.

There's only one refrain in his mind: Save Sammy. Get there before it's too late.]
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[It takes too long to get back.

Dean enters the cabin with his pistol drawn. He doesn't know if he could kill John, if it came down to it, but he sure as hell can hurt him if it means protecting Sam. He walks in without shutting the door, morning light filtering into the dim space and illuminating enough of the scene —

John standing, blacksplashed with red, something on the ground covered by a sheet. And blood, splattered across the table, the wall, the floor. Like a Pollock painting, Dean's mind supplies as it suffers through shock — as though it can't digest the scene in full all at once, so it makes comparisons to Seven Red Paintings, something Sam would tease him for knowing.

It's strange, how Dean can see blood so frequently in his day-to-day life, but the moment it's Sam — Sam who's under that blanket, blood blooming through fabric, Sam who's splattered on the furniture — it takes on a new light.

That transpires in a matter of seconds — the sight, the shock, the poor attempt to think through it, and then in full: realization. He drops his arm, gun hanging uselessly at his side — running forward, shoving at his father as he comes to kneel beside Sam, pulling those blankets back to reveal his face.]

No — no, no, Sam — no.

[He sets his gun on his side, opposite of John, hands hovering above Sam's face before he rests them on his cheeks, looking down at him like Sam might look back.]

Sammy. Sammy, hey.

[After everything. After Stanford and the mansion and fear monsters and demons on airplanes and reapers and every god damn thing they've faced —

after all of it, Sam's killed in the one place he was supposed to be safe. He's killed because Dean left him alone.

Dean lifts his upper body, pulling Sam into a hug, feeling drying blood and the stillness of a chest that isn't breathing as his hands move along his back.]

I got you, Sammy. I got you.

[Except he doesn't have him, but Dean's wracked by grief and disbelief, rocking Sam a little, mumbled promises that he's going to take care of him. That'll he'll be okay, that he'll fix it. It doesn't matter that John is standing there, bearing witness to all of this — Dean thinks he hears his name, feels a hand on his shoulder, but he pulls away and won't be parted from Sam — Dean leans his head against Sam and doesn't try to hold back his grief.

He promised. He promised he'd be better, he promised he'd protect Sam, he promised that if it came down to the hunters or Sam, he'd choose Sam.

But he failed. Again.]

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